Tel Aviv-based Umasqu landed on our radar earlier this year when they presented their work at WantedDesign Manhattan. Since then, the wall decor brand, led by designer Tzachi Nevo, has kept our curiosity piqued with their modern masks. They give traditional wall masks a twist by deconstructing and then reassembling images of human faces and animal heads in geometrical shapes and playful colors. For this month’s Deconstruction, Umasqu takes us behind the scenes to see how a mask from their Modern African collection is made.

Sketch – Tzachi is working on a new sketch. Sitting with both main accessories for his initial sketch – his sketchbook and computer. From a hand-drawn sketch on single page he copies to a wider digital world.

Cut – The laser cut in process. All masks are made from a combination of different materials such as Veneer, MDF, Formica, Perspex, and Plastic, and are cut in the machine.

Cut is done – Removing the first layer of the mask from the machine.

Paint Room – After the parts are out they are ready for hand painting with quality Molotow™ Premium colors for best UV- and weather-resistance.

Parts waiting to be assemble – After painting, all parts are sorted and wait for their turn in the assembling process.


Assembling – Each mask is then hand assembled.

Glue – All parts are glued with the best glue to guarantee its strength and to avoid any marks on the masks.

Quality check – Before packing, each object and mask goes through last-minute finishes and a non-compromised quality check.

Packing – Each mask is being sent to her new home in custom-made packing which is optimized for its size. Due to our worldwide shipping the boxes are made to be extra strong and resistant on their journey abroad so the mask will arrive safely.

The workshop – A look at the Packing, Painting, and Assembling stations in our workshop.

Scale life – Large Modern African #23

Tzachi with his giant Baby – Modern African #23

Mood board – The board shows ideas for an upcoming paper-cut collection.

Ping Pong Talk – Tzachi and colleague are discussing the collection’s sketch – it’s their “ping-pong” talk which sometimes leads to a creative breakthrough.

Finished masks sorted in the Modern African collection.

Finished masks sorted in the Modern African collection.

The mask hanging in l’Abeille Hotel, Nice.

Photos by Nimrod Genisher.

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