a site specific installation conceived especially for venice, uemon ikeda’s ‘fragility’ reveals the delicate nature of the city. this ‘red wire’ or ‘il filo rosso’ seeks to provoke a painful thought: the most fascinating and overwhelmingly beautiful city in the world is simultaneously the most fragile and vulnerable, having been built in the heart of a lagoon and subject to erosion and tides. the delicate installation, comprised of thread of silk and wool woven and suspended in space, occupies the courtyard of a former monastery on the venetian island of san servolo.

all images by andrea buccella

the curation of il filo rosso ‘fragility’ by olimpia de sanctis presented an exciting challenge for japanese artist uemon ikeda to combine his ‘aerial architecture’ with the tenuous beauty of venice. open until september 13, 2019, the work is descriptive of the artist’s ephemeral works of wool and silk thread which are woven to generate architectural forms within culturally iconic public spaces. il filo rosso was conceived with the intention to both grasp the soul of venice while spreading the highly relevant message of respect and care for the planet in its entirety.

curator olimpia de sanctis stresses the five crucial points comprising the driving message of ‘fragility:’ to reassert the moral imperative to act for the protection of the planet; link the ephemeral nature and fragility of the artist’s installation — the red wool and silk threads — to the complex and delicate nature of the city of venice; recall the message that no work of man should jeopardize nature and violate the surrounding environment; enhance the originality and aerial character of uemon ikeda’s work; underline the harmony deriving from the perfect blend of the architecture of the ancient benedictine monastery and of the green grounds of the island of san servolo, by drawing the attention of the viewer to the quiet space near the church.

project info:

project title: fragility: il filo rosso

artist: uemon ikeda

curator: olimpia de sanctis

location: venice international university, isola di san servolo

exhibition date: september 6th — 13th

photography: andrea buccella

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