ensures both the independent operation of all indoor facilities while providing as much public open spaces as possible to promote interaction. the design team integrates the public plaze throughout the project in three dimensions, eliminating the common conception that ‘the open public space within a city was only limited to the ground plaza.’

urbanus yuehai

URBANUS elevates these public spaces and superimposes a vertical organization, generating a series of interconnected aerial public platforms situated at varying heights throughout the building. the permeating plazas encourage interaction between those within the building and the rest of the city. on this basis, the spatial boundaries are dematerialized between the horizontal layers, new flexible and public functions are inserted, which renders the platform layer an elevated urban living room that intrigues urban vitality. a new building type of three-dimensional public space has been generated.

urbanus yuehaiurbanus yuehaiurbanus yuehaiurbanus yuehaiurbanus yuehai

project info:

project title: yuehai community culture and sports center

architecture: URBANUS

client: public works bureau of nanshan district, shenzhen

location: nanshan district, shenzhen

project year: 2016 – ongoing

site area: 5,760 square meters

floor area: 38,911 square meters

principal architect: meng yan


project manager: lin yilin

project architect: milutin cerovic

team: chen hui, xu zhibo, shen chen, zhang xuejuan, zhang jiajia | rao enchen, li congyi, liu kan, yue ran, yang mingchuan, zheng zhi (design support) | yao yongmei, yao xiaowei (technical director) | wang yifan, zhang shijing (internship)

design development:

project general manager: lin haibin

project manager: zhang haijun, zhang jiajia

project architect: milutin cerovic

team: sun yanhua, liao mengjun, li xiang, you donghe, chen hui, zang min, zhang fujun, weng hua, zhang yingyuan, zhang chaoxian | zhang xuejuan, wei zhijiao, li guanda, xu xiao, xiong yangyang (landscape) | yao yongmei, yao xiaowei (technical director) | liu junrui, huang rong, luo siyang, song haocheng, wu ziyi, liu yunong, zhang yusheng, xiao xiao (internship)

structural design: li yongming, guo yanan, zhao yanguo, song yuying | h & j international


construction documents: china building design consultants

facade consultant: VS-A.HK ltd

facade: yuke international facade engineering design & consultant co., ltd.

green building: guoyan building technology co., ltd.

lighting design: aurora lighting

logo design: W & T design

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