in 2013, LEXUS introduced the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD with the aim of fostering the global growth of creative ideas that contribute to society and help shape a better future. the search and nurturing of these next-generation designers continue with the 2019 competition. once again, six finalists will benefit from the chance to work with internationally acclaimed designers as mentors, receive invaluable funding to create prototypes of their designs, and then exhibit them during the world famous milan design week 2019.

with an october 28, 2018, 23:59 (CET) deadline, be part of the momentous and metamorphic LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2019 as they call for entries here.

exhibition hall for the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2018 finalists during milan design week

each year the theme of the international competition changes with the aim to challenge creatives in designing for the future through different but equally important perspectives. the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2019 features a more universal directive to ‘design for a better tomorrow and queries how design thinking can solve everyday problems. with this, designers should consider how their ideas focus on three fundamental principles at the core of the LEXUS brand: anticipate, innovate, and captivate.

the interior of the LEXUS ‘LS’

taking the elegant yet emotionally designed LEXUS ‘LS’ sedan, the design anticipates the rich, expressive and comfortable driving experience needed. for the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD, anticipate proposes whether the concept and design anticipates not only the needs of the user experience, but the needs of society. ‘pixel’ by hiroto yoshizoe, winner of the grand prix in 2017, showcases this principle by creating a range of optical effects that produce a beautiful phenomenon for viewers.

hiroto yoshizoe’s ‘pixel’

the digital side-view mirror of the all-new LEXUS ‘ES’

creatives should also think about ways to innovate: does the design demonstrate new thinking and originality in its proposal and execution? every LEXUS design betters tomorrow through innovation, be it as brand new vehicle design or an integrated technology such as the digital side-view monitor for the all-new ‘ES’. again, the 2016 grand prix winner exemplifies this aim as ‘agar’ aims to replace plastics with its environmentally friendly packaging material.

AMAM design group’s ‘agar’

the exterior design of the LEXUS ‘LC’

good design is not attention-seeking, it is notable for the long term. designers should ask themselves whether the design is intriguing and compelling when realized in concept and execution? for example, when unveiling the ‘LC’ luxury coupe in 2017, the design realized the unique exterior design that was first revealed in the original concept. likewise, with the significant aid from LEXUS and their mentor, the ‘CO-RKs‘ by DIGITALAB overcame challenges from its initial design to its prototype, successfully creating a generative system with cork thread. the innovation paired sustainable material with high-tech computational scripts.


the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD once again welcomes leading figures in design to judge your work and act as invaluable mentors. sir david adjaye, paola antonelli, and yoshihiro sawa, president of lexus international, return to the judging panel. as well sebastian wrong, co-founder and design director of established & sons, offers his expert design and manufacturing expertize as a mentor, while the additional mentors will be announced later in october 2018.

after the call for entries deadline, six lucky finalists will be selected in december 2018 and announced in january 2019, after which they will embark on a career-changing opportunity. the finalist designers will commence their mentorship program in new york city, where, with the expert advice of their renowned designer/mentor, they will be able to realize their best designs through previously unforeseen avenues such as new materials, communication methods and more. the significant funding for prototype production – up to 3 million JPY – enables you to realize designs that were once only conceptual. as every upcoming designers’ dream, this work will then be presented at a landmark exhibition during the milan design week 2019 – the most important event on the international design calendar and the moment to expand your career network.

enter the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2019 here, before october 28, 2018, 23:59 (CET).

finalist, winners, judges and mentors of LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2018

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