after winning a public competition in 2018, smithgroup’s spaceship-like toilet and kiosk are now planned to touchdown in san francisco from 2021. the design conceptualizes a piece of industrial art that doubles as a toilet, and will replace the green faux-parisan loos and newsstands from 1996. befitting the companies such as apple and google that call it home, the structures will literally reflect the artistic yet technological character and identity of the city.

all images courtesy of smithgroup

sleek, shiny and curved, smithgroup’s design might have a unique sculptural shape but its panels are simple to assemble and maintain. its exterior shell consists of glass and a metal skin, protecting the advertising within.

with water consciousness at its heart, the design also transforms per location across the city. different native grasses and trees grow around the structures to add greenery to the streets. its green-tech enables the toilets and kiosks to function as water collection, treatment and reuse. using rainwater to water vegetation or flush toilets, the technology ensures minimal maintenance and maximum longevity.

25 public toilets and up to 114 kiosks will appear across san francisco from 2021. of this total, 70 kiosks will include digital displays, 15 with interactive screens for civic information, and 20 with multi-service spaces for small businesses and services. 11 out of the 25 toilets will then be supervised by paid attendants as part of the city’s job re-entry system.

project info:

competition organizer: san francisco department of public works

winning design: smithgroup

starting date: summer 2021

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