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Art Work

Driftwood Animals and Beach Homes by Kirsty Elson Give New Life to Elements From the Sea

 Art Craft #animals #beach #reclaimed wood #sculpture #wood August 21, 2019 Kate Sierzputowski Multi-media artist Kirsty Elson uses the bits of driftwood, shells, and other seaside scraps in her home in Cornwall, England to produce unique sculptures that imitate the surrounding seaside homes. Elson recreates the quaint cottages with minimal paint, utilizing bottle caps …

Art Work

Earth’s Rotation Visualized in a Timelapse of the Milky Way Galaxy by Aryeh Nirenberg

 Amazing Photography #Earth #sky #space #stars #timelapse #video August 20, 2019 Kate Sierzputowski [embedded content] Although the Earth rotates below the sky, aerial time-lapse videos often have the perspective of a celestial scene rushing above the ground. In this brief video by Aryeh Nirenberg, the Milky Way becomes completely stationary, highlighting specifically the Earth’s …

Art Work

Filmmaker Bas Berkhout Steps Inside Portrait Painter Kathryn Engberg’s New York Studio

 Art Documentary #drawing #oil painting #painting #portraits August 19, 2019 Laura Staugaitis [embedded content] A short documentary film by Bas Berkhout profiles third generation portrait painter Kathryn Engberg. In the 6 minute-long film, Berkhout turns the tables on Engberg⁠—usually the observer and chronicler⁠—taking a look inside the artist’s studio and digging into her story. …