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alphaville designs capsule hostel ‘sui’ in kyoto as cluster of wooden volumes

located in kyoto‘s nishijin district, a mixed-use, lively area known for its traditional weaving techniques and textiles, hostel sui by alphaville architects is a guesthouse offering capsule cabin accommodation to students and travelers. the hostel comprises an unconventional arrangement of volumes that resembles a microcosm of a city, where several wooden boxes enclose about four …


alexis arnold turns found books into crystalized ‘artifacts’

san francisco based artist alexis arnold addresses the theme of ‘materiality versus content’ in her crystalized book series. since 2011, arnold has been collecting discarded books on the streets and turning them into crystalized, non-functional artifacts. ‘the books, manipulated with water, then frozen with crystal growth, become artifacts or geologic specimens imbued with the history …