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NL architects conceives ‘forum groningen’ as a cultural department store

design team –
(NL architects) pieter bannenberg, kamiel klaasse, walter van dijk, thijs van bijsterveldt, florent le corre, sören grünert, iwan hameleers, sybren hoek,
kirsten hüsig, mathieu landelle, zhongnan lao, barbara luns, gert jan
machiels, sarah möller, gerbrand van oostveen, giulia pastore, guus peters,
jose ramon vives, laura riaño lopez, arne van wees, zofia wojdyga, gen
yamamoto with christian asbo, …

Art Work

‘Joy of Reading’: A New Book of Illustrations by Christoph Niemann Promotes Free Press

 Illustration #books #news December 9, 2019 Grace Ebert Illustrator Christoph Niemann (previously) has released The Paper, a book celebrating what he calls “the joy of reading magazines and newspapers.” The wordless book totals 194 pages and features pink, black, and white illustrations that depict people engrossed in magazines and newspapers. One couple lays with …

Art Work

Geometric Volumes and Humanoid Figures Shape-Shift in a New Animation by Guldies

 Animation #abstract #faces #stop motion December 9, 2019 Laura Staugaitis [embedded content] Malleable sculptures formed from plasticine topple, bounce, and shape-shift between geometric volumes and humanoid figures in UTOPIA, a new stop motion animation. The minimalist short film is set on a plain aqua-toned background with a restricted clay color palette of white, pink, …