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Art Work

Fantastical Photographs of Opulently Dressed Models in Castles and Mansions

 Art Photography #fashion #surreal August 30, 2019 Laura Staugaitis “Swan Lake” (2014), all images © Natalie Lennard Photographer Natalie Lennard, who works as Miss Aniela, creates lavish scenes centered around elegantly dressed models. While each image might seem, at first glance, like a straightforward luxury fashion shoot, further inspection reveals surreal details. A canary …


URBANUS plans art center in shenzhen topped with a public rooftop park

beijing-based architecture practice URBANUS has won an international competition to design a cultural complex in shenzhen’s longgang district. surrounded by urban villages, modern residential communities, and industrial areas, banxuegang science and technology city is primarily known as the headquarters of technology firm huawei. the brief outlined by local authorities called for an ‘art center’ that …