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Art Work

Driftwood Animals and Beach Homes by Kirsty Elson Give New Life to Elements From the Sea

 Art Craft #animals #beach #reclaimed wood #sculpture #wood August 21, 2019 Kate Sierzputowski Multi-media artist Kirsty Elson uses the bits of driftwood, shells, and other seaside scraps in her home in Cornwall, England to produce unique sculptures that imitate the surrounding seaside homes. Elson recreates the quaint cottages with minimal paint, utilizing bottle caps …


héctor zamora and solo houses exhibit brick labyrinth in a natural gallery space

eva albarrán and christian bourdais — founders of dwelling-focused architectural initiative solo houses — introduce a sprawling gallery space to the rugged landscape of eastern spain. since 2011 the group has worked with young and established architects to populate the remote landscape with small residences. with the latest undertaking, a collection of artists are offered …


researchers reveal portable robotic exosuit that makes running + walking easier

researchers have successfully developed a portable, robotic exosuit that can assist wearers in both walking and running in natural terrain. the team — comprised of scientists from harvard’s wyss institute for biologically inspired engineering, john a. paulson school of engineering and applied sciences (SEAS), and the university of nebraska omaha — have produced a lightweight …