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Art Work

Children and Animals Commune Within Neglected Landscapes in New Paintings by Kevin Peterson

 Art #animals #kids #painting February 28, 2019 Kate Sierzputowski For several years artist Kevin Peterson (previously) has created paintings that occupy the same fictionalized world. His imagined environments are occupied by children and animals— individuals band together as they navigate depleted urban environments. The works pair the innocence of its subjects against a broken …

Art Work

Aerial Photographer Kevin Krautgartner Uses Squarespace to Showcase the Earth’s Fragile Beauty

 February 28, 2019 Colossal Island Sunsets While those of us in the northern hemisphere eagerly await the arrival of spring, photographer Kevin Krautgartner travels the world capturing envy-inducing views. Krautgartner focuses his lens on a wide array of subjects, ranging from architectural interiors to soaring urban skylines. But the German photographer’s most wanderlust-inspiring images …

Impressive Designs

Something Underneath by nendo

Something Underneath is a minimalist series of objects designed by Tokyo-based studio nendo for Lasvit. The objective was to create a number of forms in crystal glass that would represent monsters that have been shaped by various cultures around the world. A deep-rooted aspect of Japanese culture is the personification of the intangible and unexplainable. Related …