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Art Work

Bursts of Dazzling Shapes Create Technicolor Orbits in GIFs by Marcus Martinez

 Animation #gifs August 31, 2018 Kate Sierzputowski “Dizzy,” all GIFs courtesy of Marcus Martinez Texas-based motion designer Marcus Martinez creates rainbow-hued GIFs against solid back backgrounds, producing animated elements that explode, twist, and sizzle with extraordinary color. He started his own tumblr around four years ago after admiring the works of Admiral Potato, Angular …

Art Work

Infrared Photographs by Pierre-Louis Ferrer Capture French Landscapes in Bright Yellow Hues

 Photography #France #infrared #infrared photography #landscapes #light #nature #plants #surreal #trees #yellow August 31, 2018 Anna Marks In French photographer Pierre-Louis Ferrer’s vibrant photographs, Dordogne, France is transformed into an enchanted land bathed in canary yellow. Ferrer’s colorful photographs illustrate the country’s idyllic topography, where the leaves upon the trees, fresh grass, and sculpted shrubbery …